Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am the hardest person you will ever meet. Behind my soft and curvy appearance, behind my smiling visage and witty commentary, behind even my willingness to serve and my weeping over living things and the weather, there is a hard and resolute core. And you know it already. You know it because of the way I will look directly into your eyes, and if I look away it is because I have already seen more than you have wanted me to.


Yesterday someone I have known for a very long time described me as a very private person. What an odd thing to say, I thought, given that so much of my life has been conducted in the public eye, and given that I am so well known for saying exactly what I think. But that does not mean I say everything I think. And perhaps that is what he meant.

But if there is a space behind my words, I would think that space might be discerned, since it is so similar to the space those words occupy, only bigger and deeper.

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